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A marketing tool for social media is a strategic need of the hour for any firm in the modern world. However, managing many social platforms makes it tough to evaluate key success for overall marketing goals. Perhaps, when it comes to marketing objectives, you require additional time to fully implement your approach. Thus, good social media management tools have become a cornerstone of marketing expertise in managing your social platforms, or, if you’re an agency, managing your clients’ social media accounts.

You always have a budget, whether you work for a bootstrapped social media business or a digital marketing department. And, far too frequently, it just does not include what you require to execute your work successfully. In certain circumstances, a high-quality social media marketing tool, app, network, platform, or service is free. These best social media applications can help you stay on top of everything from design and writing to video and picture editing to analytics and account insights.

Below are the must-have free Marketing Tools For Social Media to incorporate into your digital social strategy

because they’re free. So, why not give them a try?

1. Google Trends, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics

Google Trends is one of the critical tools for understanding the seasonal search behavior trends of users in different countries in real-time. Understanding consumer search behaviour with the Google search console allows you to make wiser decisions for your company. The Googlearch Console, renamed in 2018, and always developing to be the finest customer search tool, provides important insight into your customers’ behaviour when integrated with Google Analytics. Google Analytics, or something similar, is vital for all marketers to understand at some level.

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is also good for summarizing search behaviour from different nations to ensure you’ve covered the major behaviours. It is a free SEO tool that specializes in coming up with new keyword suggestions. Initially created as a program to collect Google Suggest keywords, this contributes to a better knowledge of total web marketing performance through the use of appropriate keywords, concepts, and forethought. This package includes a free Chrome extension as well as a strong SEO tool that displays keyword monthly search traffic, CPC, and competition data which is good marketing tools for social media.

3. Canva

Images are required whether sharing a blog article, a seasonal offer, or anything else on social media. However, taking your own images and creating your own graphics costs time and resources. If you don’t have much of either, Canva is a great solution. This free design programme allows you to generate a variety of visuals, including Facebook cover photos and Instagram Stories, as well as tweets and images for your blog entries.

You may begin by selecting one of the hundreds of templates. You don’t have to bother about resizing because all of Canva’s social media templates adhere to each platform’s required picture size. Simply replace the text, logos, and photographs with your own to personalise each graphic. If you don’t have any unique photographs, you may use Canva’s free collection. Once you’ve created something you like, you may reuse it. Simply copy the design and change the text or graphics to create a branded template that you can reuse.

If you find yourself utilising Canva on a regular basis, you could benefit from the premium version. When you upgrade to Canva Pro, you can use a single click to set and preserve brand colours and fonts, add GIFs, and scale designs for other platforms.

When you publish links on social media, you don’t necessarily want to disclose the original URL. Perhaps the URL is too long and would clog up your article, so you’d like a shorter link. Perhaps the URL refers to a website that you don’t operate, and you’d like to track statistics for it.

Bitly is a free social media marketing tool that helps to shorten URLs and save them to your own database. Bitly allows you to shorten any URL or generate a URL with a custom slug, such as Within your database, you may give URLs unique titles and add tags to help organise them.

That really is, you may categorise all URLs connected to a campaign or promotion so that they are easy to identify and evaluate. With a short glimpse, you can determine whether social media, email, or SMS campaigns were responsible for clicks.

However, Bitly offers far more than just URL shortening. This application also includes rudimentary statistics, allowing you to see how each link fared. You can see the number of visits your URLs receive each day, as well as the referrals for each link.

5. CoSchedule’s  Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule’s  Headline Analyzer allows you to determine where your headline resonates and where it may use some tweaking. It makes no difference if you’re a seasoned writer or have been writing for over a decade. It’s not simple to come up with catchy headlines. However, a Headline Analyzer is an amazing headline that can result in more clicks, which can lead to improved online traffic and social media reach. As a result, stepping up your headline game might provide a significant boost to your brand. Enter your headline into the tool to receive a score and preview of how it will appear.

Let’s see how it goes for you when utilising the free tool to evaluate your headline: You’re good to go if your headline gets a green score. If it’s yellow or red, use the recommendations below to enhance your title and attract more people to look at your social media post.

6. QR Code Generator PRO

QR Codes are two-dimensional versions of barcodes that are often composed of black and white pixel patterns. Denso Wave, a Japanese subsidiary of Toyota supplier Denso, developed them to label components in order to speed up logistics for vehicle production. It has now made its way into mobile marketing due to the increased acceptance of smartphones. The abbreviation “QR” stands for “Quick Response,” and it refers to instant access to the information hidden in the Code.

Fortunately, the QR codes with built-in landing sites are dynamic, which means you can update them whenever you want without having to reprint new ones. You will not only prevent making mistakes, but you will also save money on reprints.

7. Finding influencers

There is no one free tool that is effective for this. Using Google or LinkedIn manually is frequently the best choice. You could utilise reputation tools like Klout, Kred, or Peerindex a long time ago, but these are no longer available. The usage of Twitter auto-follow typically skews the findings, Because of the categorization by specific subjects, LinkedIn domain skills used to be the finest tool for identifying business influencers – but LinkedIn deleted this – monetization again. LinkedIn advanced search is most likely the best substitute.


It makes sense to pay for a social media marketing tool on occasion. Many technologies are worthwhile investments, particularly when you want a dependable platform for content scheduling, social listening, and reporting. However, you are not required to pay for anything.

Add some of the top free social media marketing tools to your toolbox and start generating greater results for your business or client.

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