Have given thought to how your 2021 marketing plan looks like? While for Enterprises’ primary aim is to build a cohesive, strategic road map based solely on how the organization can use content to attract, acquire, and engage its customers or prospects.

content marketing strategy

By this article, we aim to provide an approach to you viz-a-viz how to cook your ideal marketing recipes for successful digital content strategy.

Digital Content Marketing Strategy has the edge over conventional strategy in most of an enterprise in their marketing plan. As per current, we see trends is to engage the customer at different stages of buying journey focus on Persona and their intent. However, Data-driven content marketing strategy can help you to make your campaigns more consumer-centric and earn more consumer engagement.

If you look at your 2021 integrated marketing approach, you can decide that content marketing is only a small part of your overall integrated marketing strategy. Or you may want to make content marketing a big part of your strategic portfolio. The balance of your plan is obviously yours.

The interest in content marketing has grown dramatically over the years. Whatever the ultimate objective is, explicitly describing it is the first step in the creation of a consistent, strategic digital content marketing plan.

Basics to create the right mix for an effective Digital Content  Marketing Strategy

Let stick to Basics and outline the framework. We have outlined the effort that goes in creating Effective Digital Content  Marketing Strategy as below:

content marketing strategy
  • Prioritise Your Goals
  • Identify Your Customers
  • Develop a Content Marketing Plan

Prioritise Your Goals

The content your business makes should be constructed with an end target in mind and as part of an overall marketing plan. When you know what you’re going to be working on, you will talk about how content is going to be part of it. You may consider a few specific goals beforehand with an objective of the getting desired outcome from the campaign, and a few common goals are as follows:

  • Short Term Business Goals
  • Increase Market Share
  • Increase Community Outreach
  • Increase the Percentage of Sales Made with New Products/Product Features
  • Increase revenue
  • Expansion into a new market
  • Reach a new audience

Identify Your Customers

It is essential to know your customer and create the right piece of communication for them. The objective is to target potential customer who is a buyer of your product and service and contributes to the growth of your business. Meaningful Analysis about customer action can help to determine to keep targeted marketing effort. Few likely probing questions help to find the relevant information about customer behaviour, i.e.  What kind of topic customer interested in, reading habits, what channel use to get information. Such probing questions bring more clarity about your customer’s action making your marketing effort more specific.

We have outlined to know you better to  map your ideal customers & their behaviour:

Customer Needs -> Problem solved by your products/services-> Personas-> understand customer Buying Journey -> Buyer strategy -propensity to buy with timing -> Geography -> Purchase decision/Turing into customer

Develop a Content Marketing Plan

When you know where to promote, you can prepare the types of content that will be implemented by your marketing team during the year that reaffirms your goal’s message. You would want to include data such as:

Once you’ve outlined the foundations, here are a few secrets to help with your digital content.

Top four picks to create a successful Digital Content Marketing Strategy for 2021

Strategy #1: Email strategies

In B2B email marketing, getting a customer to make a buying decision is very complex, which is like biting Iron gram.

content marketing strategy

Taking time out to review and develop your email marketing strategy from time to time is something that will help you succeed when your rivals have struggled. By hiring an email marketing company to expand your contact list, submit your emails, and earn leads for you, you will also stay ahead of your rivals. How you carry out this marketing depends on the type of business you run and the customers you’re targeting. Here are a few essential information beforehand to keep a check.

Essentials of B2B email:

  • Messaging articulate business value, Services, Quality & trust,
  • Focus – Identify a problem, and pain points of clients so that they can offer solutions 
  • Value proposition – Highlight uses cases viable solution that addresses business needs
  • Persona-based approach – to Identify the common needs, behaviours, challenges, Motivations and use case
  • Break the Myths Power of one  Go beyond one Email which builds credibility
  • Drive Education rather direct sales pitch communication  
  • Effective CTAs- Learn more, Watch now, Book Now, Sign up, Read more, etc

What it comes down to is to consider who you’re sending and what acts they’ve already done. For others, the inability to produce these considerations might turn them off and cause them to unsubscribe.

Strategy #2: Native Advertising

For B2B advertisers, native ads may be an important tactic to attract prospective customers. Native ads are often paid and crafted to look like its “native” environment- primarily as paid social, paid search, Paid post/advertising, Paid discovery and Sponsored listings.

content marketing strategy

While B2B advertising, is content recommendation ads usually tend to cast a wider net than would be advisable for B2B companies trying to reach hyper-specific audience segments or is it.

You already have content that you would like to repurpose for your campaign. The key to an effective native ad is finding the right fit in terms of editorial voice and design. You can repurpose your existing article, blog post, or infographic which has converted well for you will be the right mix to reach your audience by promoting it is a great (and cost-effective) strategy.

B2B audiences are all different: you can only discover the best formula for your business by experimenting.

Strategy #3: Social strategies

B2B businesses accomplish their objectives by engaging their professionals with innovative product details or by supporting blog posts, case reports or business podcasts. While B2C companies exploit the concept of stories to keep themselves abreast with customer demands keeping them engaged across multiple platforms. At the same time, B2B companies are still trying to adapt different method which can benefit them by leveraging B2C strategies.

This will lead to communication with audiences at the individual buyer level, as well as other businesses alike to collaborate with such a powerful brand.

Strategy #4: Influencer Marketing

Among the most impactful trends in content marketing is the increased use of brand influencers.

content marketing strategy

This fundamental of Influencer marketing is nothing new to the world, which is quite common in the B2C industry. Its essential focus on tie-up with a vocal influencer is like having someone besides you brag about your abilities or accomplishments. This should work absolutely in sync with organisation goals and promise. However, B2B organisations are releasing the importance of an external, influential person can have as part of their digital content marketing strategy.

Identifying Niche experts from given fields who can converse about your brand and products to your audience. Here Influencer introduces a degree of interaction that is more powerful than just publishing content for achieving reach and impression objectives. This allows Influencer to are selective about who they associate their brand with, making a partnership more authentic. 

Five Key benefits of Influencer marketing:

  • Creating Engagement, Trust and Credibility
  • Expanding your Content and Greater Reach
  • Driving more MQL’s & SQL’s More Sales Leads
  • A practical method to Drive Demand Generation initiates
  • Justifying Spends & ROI

The road ahead of Digital Content Marketing

content marketing strategy

Using a mix of technology and innovation, marketers continuously aim to have a more critical consumer experience. It is essential to accept and test newer approaches when creating content to decide what is right for your audience. Before you try it, you would not know if it produces good results. Decide for your audience what patterns are correct, but don’t be afraid to test something to collect your own data. Marketing is an ongoing mechanism by which marketers creates new strategies.

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