Individuals who visited your website cookies are the primary audience in retargeting. Retargeting is the process of capturing interest through cookies on a third-party site and targeting individuals for likely conversion. ABM, on the other hand, targets accounts rather than individuals and encourages more proactive engagement in targeted accounts. The methodology for launching such a campaign is ideal for any size organisation in B2B marketing with an account focus. Leveraging LinkedIn Ads is the simplest way to get started.

Let’s take a glimpse of What you mean by retargeting in general and how it’s different for ABM. This necessarily requires meticulous planning and flawless execution, beginning with account identification and ending with reporting in an ABM campaign. Let’s get a brief overview of what is a checklist for an effective ABM retargeting campaign in B2B marketing.

ABM retargeting checklist: 5 steps for Retargeting ABM 

  1. Identification the accounts visiting your website 
  2. Fitment test – Analysis of your ICP and target account  
  3. Selection of retargeting platform – Platform and launch LinkedIn Campaign with identified account list 
  4. The observation which account shows a spurt in engagement   
  5. Align with your sales team when accounts revisit 

steps for Retargeting ABM

1. Identify the accounts visiting your website 

Translating your unidentified website traffic into real company names is the core of any account-based retargeting strategy. There are a number of visitor identification solutions available that allow you to identify the accounts that are visiting your website, enrich it with the account, contact, and web browsing data, and provide capabilities to integrate records all over your technology platform.

2. Fitment test: Evaluation of the target account and ICP

You must qualify the enterprises visiting your website based on demographic and behavioural and intent data that meets your ICP. This makes sure the accounts you retarget are the ones you really want to engage, and it gives you filters to qualify your accounts based on firmographic and behavioural data as part of ABM retargeting lists.

Now you’ve qualified the target accounts that have already visited your website, it’s time to get that data into your chosen ad platform. 

3. Choosing a retargeting platform

Select the LinkedIn platform and create a campaign with the recognised account list. Leveraging LinkedIn Ads is the simplest method to get started with a retargeting list. You can upload account lists directly to the platform, and there is no platform fee. Your visitor identification platform’s target account list must be exported. You merely need to start your LinkedIn campaign at this point. Add your list to LinkedIn Matched Audiences also.

In LinkedIn Campaign Manager, go to the Account Assets menu and select Matched Audiences. It will then take 1-3 days to populate and showcase the total number of global employees for the companies you uploaded. Concentrate on your account list and buyer personas. In the Audience section of the campaign creation process, you will be able to select your target account list when creating a LinkedIn campaign. Keep in mind, however, that the list includes everyone in the world who works for those companies which need to further drill down to the location to ensure that you’re only advertising to your target markets, and Job Function or title to ensure that you’re only advertising to your buyer personas.

4. Track which accounts are demonstrating an increase in engagement.

After your campaign is started, you’ll want to see which of those target accounts is responding to the advertising and visiting your website again. You can accomplish this in two simple ways with a retargeting list for your retargeting campaign: 1) In LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager, select the Demographics button to view a breakdown of engaged businesses. 2) Include UTM codes on all your campaign links.

5. Align with your sales team when accounts revisit 

It is always advisable to introduce the account that is revisiting the website with your website. Divulge all information to the sales team as accounts re-engage for team act on it after spike in engagement from customer.


Account-based retargeting allows you to focus your retargeting ads on the entire buying group committee, not just the individual that visited your website. ABM checklist to guide you through the entire process!

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